School replaced detention with meditation and it created incredible result

We have all been through those terrible detentions back in school .But it’s really debatable whether detention actually results in many proper productive development in children .While many of us may have been told to step outside the class or stand while others are sitting,  in a method to shame us ,it always affect us negatively . Rather ,we need to find a new way that will actually help students become better than they are without impacting their self-esteem .

In Baltimore ,the Robert Coleman School brought about a change in their ‘detention’ method and it was a grand success.Taking help of the ancient Hindu practice of meditation ,the school introduced the Mindful Meditation room in February 2016.Here meditation was used to calm and help students deal with anxiety and stress -thereby disciplining  their mental thoughts .

The school chose to break tradition and it seemed like a risky move. The question was -Will it work?

Turns out -it did .The suspensive rates in school lowered significantly.Some of the students have mentioned how the program changed their lives .For example if they were taking a test ,they would just start taking deep breaths.In the midst of noise they would meditate to tune out all the noise and become one with themselves .And the best part -it actually helped them to build their character .



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