What makes me smile is looking at happy people / Misho Begashvili

– How would you describe yourself.

– Hello, I’m Misho Begashvili 23 years old. Since childhood I was fascinated by the photography and I decided to make it my profession. I started working as a photographer when I was 18 and in a few month I found success and got recognized in my country. I do professional photoshoots with famous as well with a people who just want to have good photos. I think photography is an art and every photographer needs to have their own unique style for everyone to remember them with it. I would describe myself as a friendly, positive, loving as well as strict and interesting person.

– What makes you smile and what scares you the most. What is your greatest strength and weakness.

– What makes me smile is looking at happy people. Well, I don’t think something scares me. My strong side is my Temper and weakness I think it’s Heart.

– What advice do you have for kids.

– The advice I want to give children is, always keep your childhood ardor, learn, because everything starts with Education and make your dreams come true.

– What inspires you.

– My inspiration is a beautiful woman.

– What is the craziest thing you did.

– I can’t highlight only one crazy thing that I’ve done, because I always do crazy stuff. I like interesting and crazy lifestyle.

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